Synchronote is a collaboration between Ichikawa Rose Garden and top flower artists.
Our partner flower artists create wonderful haute couture arrangements, bouquets, and decorations using the most select, fresh Ichikawa Rose Garden roses. These works express the unique values shared by both the artist and Ichikawa Rose Garden.

SYNCHRONOTE ~Rose Artist for you~

Synchronote is a term borrowed from the perfume industry.
Many perfumes change scent characteristics over time. You catch the top note immediately, followed in time by a second note, regarded as the true scent of the perfume. The second note is followed in turn by final last note.
The term synchronote stems from a technology that keeps the scent of a perfume constant throughout. However, the person using such a perfume is always in flux--skin condition, moisture, body temperature, etc. This perfume technology changes scent in response to the various complex scents given off by the individual, creating a truly personal, unique fragrance.


Dynamic top artists and Ichikawa Rose Garden have come together to produce amazing works. These creations perform as if to synchronize the giver and the receiver, matching perfectly the time, space, and situation, all the while enveloping the space with a constant scent to add another layer of enjoyment for the senses.

Rose (Ichikawa Rose Garden)

Ichikawa Rose Garden refused to be limited to the existing rose varieties of the time, embarking on their own journey to breed new types of roses. In 1990, Ichikawa Rose Garden succeeded in breeding the single layer bloom Tea Time rose. They followed with the Andalucia and the Luna Rossa, making a name for themselves in the process.
Next, Ichikawa looked to the Yves Piaget, traditionally a garden Old Rose variety, promoting this rose worldwide for use in new and exciting flower arrangements. Ichikawa Rose Garden made news in other ways, too. The company raised awareness of its Yves series and other Old Rose types, as well as fragrant roses, among the cut flower industry, and continued to change how these flowers were viewed. As a result of their innovative and fresh approach to the genre, Ichikawa Rose Garden was rewarded with the gratitude and interest of many flower designers and rose enthusiasts.

Flower Artist

Four top artists with unique approaches, enchanted by the Ichikawa Rose Garden roses.
Their refined taste, style, and techniques transport their creations beyond the framework of flower arranging. These are truly works of art.
Their bouquets, arrangements, and decorations are all made with the most select Ichikawa Rose Garden roses. These artists will never compromise on their materials, vases, wrapping, or other elements of their trade, using everything to the fullest to create the perfectly refined design--a design that lets giver and receiver synchronize in a special time and place.

Takahashi Ikuyo
Le Vesuve, Minami Aoyama

髙橋 郁代

Takahashi Ikuyo

Tajima Yukiko
Pas de deux, Omotesando

田島 由紀子

Tajima Yukiko

Niwa Hideyuki
Hideyuki Niwa Design Office

丹羽 英之

Niwa Hideyuki

Rock'n Rose, Yokohama

曽我部 翔

Sogabe Syo