Four highly innovative flower artists have come together, drawn by their love of Ichikawa Rose Garden roses.

Their refined taste, style, and techniques transport their creations beyond the framework of flower arranging. These are truly works of art.

These artists are invaluable partners helping select items that perfectly complement the wants of our customers.

Flower Artist:フラワーアーティスト一覧

髙橋郁代:Takahashi Ikuyo

髙橋郁代 Takahashi Ikuyo

Flower Artist, Le Vesuve, Minami Aoyama
kuyo Takahashi has had a love affair with flowers since her youth, not only in arranging but in her knowledge of the flowers themselves.
Her arrangements reflect the character and seasonality of the flowers, in addition to the tastes and preferences of the customer. She offers a wide range of designs, resulting in a unique natural presentation. Ms. Takahashi's technique is so deft, it fades into the natural beauty of the arrangement. But no one can deny her technique, which has made her a stylist of choice among brand manufacturers in Japan and around the world. She has been featured in magazines, events, and advertisements all over the globe.
Ms. Takahashi has been in charge of the popular Lee magazine calendar for more than 15 years.
田島有紀子:Tajima Yukiko

田島由紀子 Tajima Yukiko

Principal, Pas de deux
Flower Artist
Color, harmony, refinement, elegance. A beautiful complement of colors, quality and refinement in truly unique arrangements. The epitome of elegance.
Abundantly colorful arrangements bring to life the highest expression of the flowers. Given all this, Ms. Tajima has of course gained a wide following in the world, serving as the flower decoration coordinator for numerous luxury brands.
Dividing her time between Tokyo and Paris, Ms. Tajima has had her work features in magazines, events, weddings, and more. She is a preeminent flower consultant, promoting an elegant Paris-style technique across a wide range of applications.
丹羽英之:Niwa Hideyuki

丹羽英之 Niwa Hideyuki

Principal, Hideyuki Niwa Design Office
Flower Artist
Mr. Niwa works in a wide variety of styles and fields, producing work for hotels in Japan and around the world, as well as weddings, events, and coordination for famous shops, showrooms, and restaurants. Mr. Niwa's designs have been featured in numerous magazines and other media.
Receiving the Golden Leaf in the 2012 International Annual of Floral Art in Belgium, Mr. Niwa has had his unique approach featured in design works throughout Europe.
A new work every day. That is the challenge that Niwa has set for himself, pursuing new combinations of flowers and other materials to create new value.
曽我部翔:Syo Sogabe

曽我部翔 Sogabe Syo

Rock 'n Rose
Representative, Flower Artist

eginning his career in famous flower shops throughout Tokyo, Mr. Sogabe leaped to the top of his profession with a 2010 one-person show in Minami Aoyama. Since that time, Sogabe's works and style have been featured in media, weddings and parties throughout Tokyo and Yokohama, in-store displays, flower lessons, gift baskets, and demonstrations all across Japan.
His approach creates a fantastic integration of bold strokes and delicate details, leaving the observer with a strong appreciation for the art of flower design. Mr. Sogabe was awarded Grand Prize in the 2004 Meridien Cup, and has represented Japan at the Concours d'art floral international in France.